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Post  Misaki on Sat Aug 16, 2014 2:39 am

My name is Luna and I am going to eat you all.

Today I come to you with a surprise introduction due to the fact of reasons.                                                                                                    These Don't even work for me >>
Right, I like games. Lots and lots of games. And being better than Dungeons (Who is a slut)
I play all sorts of games, although horror and jump-scares scare me surprisingly because I am a jumpy type of person                                                                    Flowers??! >>>>

The main purpose of this introduction was to make one thing clear: This account is a dual account, Me and my little sister (who is better at games than me) play on, so if I don't reply, it's probably her being shy or something. (If she talks to you run, or bad things will happen.) We thought it'd be easier than using two separate accounts on the same computer while she stays with me for a few months before heading back to Japan.
                                                                           Why are emoticons even here? >>
Well that said, fuck you get out of my life because Dungeons is a slut. and shaves his armpits. slutslutslutslutslutscripterslutslut

Nah I love you all, Add me if you want to but don't expect free sex. See you ingame.

And a free RAINBOW for Markus. That took more effort than it was worth ngl


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Post  Dungeons on Mon Aug 18, 2014 8:06 pm


I ain't a slut :c


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